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H2 Brands Group Client Relations Team

H2 Brands Group Client Relations Team

H2 Brands Group is committed to providing all of its customers with the service, support and care they need to ensure our products and services are meeting their needs, especially as our legacy brands have expanded their reach via various retail channels including e-Commerce, mass chain stores, wholesalers, eRetailer, and local hardware stores.

However, with all our different types of customers, the organizational mission to provide exceptional customer service can present its own set of challenges in the best of times, but this mission is certainly battle-tested during these unprecedented times.

Despite the challenges faced, the H2 Brands Group Client Relations team remained committed to its mission of promoting an exceptional customer experience.

Our Client Relations team includes several groups that support our various customer channels: Sales Support, Order Management, and Direct-to-Consumer.

  • Sales Support- provide support to H2 Brands Group Sales Department and Mass Chain Retail Store Buyers/Customers. This team facilitates and is the liaison for all other H2 Brands operating departments for seasonal order management, line launches, portal updates, and ongoing program support.
  • Order Management- provides support to the wholesale, small retail, and local hardware store customers. This team’s responsibilities include order entry, PO updates and prioritization, order exception management, and return authorizations.
  • Direct-to-Consumer- provides support to end consumers who purchase our products from the various retail channels. This team is responsible for processing warranty claims as well providing feedback on product related inquiries and technical support.

Members of this team have years of experience in the industry ranging from 30+ years to those that are recent hires that bring their fresh outlook into the team dynamics.  With the contribution of this talented team, much has been accomplished in this past year.  The department has implemented a new Customer Service Software that has allowed us to efficiently track and manage customer interaction from various sources; developed new reporting tools; enhanced and updated department training guides; and contributed to providing information used to update product content to enhance customer experience across the various channels.  The Client Relations department has built a solid foundation through the years and are well poised to support the ever-changing climate for our customer base for many more years to come.

            The H2 Brands Group Client Relations team is available Monday-Friday, with hours of operation from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.  Please feel free to reach us, we are happy to help!

  • Sales Support


  • Order Management
Fax: (609) 860-9991
Phone: 800-523-1268, Extension 1201
  • Direct-to-Consumer
Phone: 800-523-1268, Extension 1217